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10:00 American Woodshop 10:30 Sailing with Confidence 11:00 Crawshaw's Watercolor Studio 11:30 Joy of Painting Noon Julia Child: Cooking with Master Chefs 12:30 Breakfast from New Orleans 1:00 Gavel to Gavel 5:00 Wild America 5:30 Sesame Street 6:30 Nightly Business Report 7:00 MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour 8:00 Surviving the Odds: To Be a Young ...
Discussion of typefaces with a Treefrog look. Commercial outfit (est. 2004) that has produced its own fonts: Bastian Sans, Bastian Sans CD, Zulan Rounded Black, Zulan, Sonic (futuristic), Sonic Shadow Light, Lotus (artsy handwriting), Lotus Condensed Italic, Okopia Mt (another Treefrog-like hand), Okopia Mt Roman, Fidente Md Shadow XT, Fidente Md. [] [] ⦿ Dear sailing people, I love sailing and I decided to make the best sailing app for weather forecast 😁 I am attending a UX design class at Career Foundry. As a part of this task to fit user needs for sailing, I made this survey. This would be a big help to develop an app that is the best in the class of sailing apps.
January 12, 2014 Dreamworks tablet for kids teaches animation. I would have gone so friggin’ bananas for this as a kid*—bananas, I tell you.Via Fast Company:. In a feature called “Be An Artist,” DreamWorks animators lead a video tutorial, teaching kids how to draw characters from its movies and shows. McDonald’s was the first national hamburger chain in the US, founded in the 1940s. Ray Kroc was the man who grew the brand ...
Abstract doodle outline colorful cat illustration. Future technology and futuristic medicine hand drawn outline doodle icon set.
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