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These pages often make Ajax calls using jQuery. When an Ajax call is made, the server is able to identify (via a session cookie) whether or not the user is logged in. This is all pretty standard / basic stuff. My problem is that sometimes the session becomes invalid, even though the page is still up in the browser.
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Aug 17, 2012 · Again an indicator of a misuse of jQuery / Ajax, IMHO. Note that I had to call the getVolValues() method before disabling the form because the serializeArray() method does NOT return disabled elements! The fourth statement calls the validateVolForm(inObj) function passing as an argument our inObj (serializeArray). If I were working on a project ...
ASP中用ajax方式获得session的实现代码:由于我是用的ff浏览器,一直没发现什么问题。上个礼拜提交给用户看的时候,说用IE登录完之后无效,大惊。 How To Keep Session Alive Between Two Calls To A Web Service In A C# Application Oct 5, 2010. This is quite straight forward. I'm calling a web-service (.asmx, with session enabled) from a c# application. I want each call to be with the same session key as the previous one (as opposed to creating a new session key each time).
Oct 26, 2010 · You could simply call window.location.reload() in your AJAX error event handler and since the session has timed out you would be redirected to the login page automatically. Eminem songs Videos September 25, 2014 at 12:46 am Mar 11, 2013 · After continually looking at different things that could be causing this issue such as the AJAX calls themselves, the SessionState settings for the Application, Caching, Temporary Storage (e.g. ViewData, TempData and Session) nothing seemed to make sense. I attempted to use Fiddler however was let down as the traffic would not reveal anything ...
Ext.Ajax.request() invokes the failure callback function upon successful request Forcing ExtJS to support synchronous XMLHttpRequest How to increase the timeout value for ExtJS AJAX. Session information and other data that you need to pass with each request are commonly put here.A user has no activity for a longer period of time and the php session times out. After the session has expired he makes an Ajax request and nothing happens or, in case of a grid view, the grid completely disappears. Expected behavior: Show the login page and redirect after successful login.
源于清华的高知社群,象牙塔通向社会的桥梁 Apr 21, 2008 · You can opt to either call services using the ASP.NET Ajax logic (WebScriptService behavior) or using the raw service functionality which is shown above. To call these methods with jQuery is fairly straight forward in concept - jQuery includes both low level and highlevel methods that can call a URL and return JSON data.
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